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Peyton Royce - WWE Superstar and Social Media Influencer

Peyton has chosen the  iNutrition Family because they have the same core values. Make nutrition simple to understand, non intimidating when asking for advice and high quality products.

Born in Sydney, Peyton later moved to Melbourne to train at Viscous Pursuit Wrestling School and then Calgary, Canada to train with Lance Storm. Prior to her training, she excelled in dance. Peyton began watching wrestling at the age of 9, and cites Eddie Guerrero as her inspiration to become a professional wrestler.

She made her televised in–ring debut in October 2016 and hasn't looked back!

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Beau Zorko - Fitness Business Coach

Beau is very excited to be an ambassador of iNutrition, to help everyday people live happier, healthier, more active lives. He also looks forward to helping personal trainers and fitness business owners add an additional income stream to their businesses.

He is the founder of Beau Zorko Consulting – a successful consulting business that is currently helping personal trainers all over the world. Beau offers a range of programs and tools to help trainers gain more clients, streamline their business systems and build the businesses and lifestyle they want.

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Chris Dixon - Western Australian Indoor Cricket Representative

Chris has joined the iNutrition family to get himself in the best shape possible before and after games, as well as sharing the benefits to others of a healthy lifestyle. His passion, determination, work ethic and humbleness is inspiring on and off the court which is why we are pleased to have him on board. Chris made his debut for Western Australia in 2017 which includes having played 18 matches to date. When not on tour Chris plays in the National Indoor Cricket League (NICL) for the Gold Coast Cyclones in QLD which recently he was named player of the year. Chris still has a lot of goals he wants to achieve in his career and we at iNutrition are happy to help him achieve success!!!

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Kailey Allirah - Nutritionalist and Personal Training Business Owner

Kailey has joined the iNutrition Family with a shared passion for Nutrition and Health. 

She is a wife and mum of 2 who runs her own personal training business - http://www.kaileyallirahfitness.com

She has personally been on either end of the scale. Skinny, uneducated, cardio bunny, hungry and deprived to eating for two, overweight, unhappy, depressed and sluggish. She was never that 'fit' body type and had to work damn hard to be where she is. Kailey built herself up to be confident and educated and now eats to nourish her body and train to be healthy and fit. 

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Carlo 'Cash Money' Cannon - Australian Wrestling Champion and Wrestling Academy Owner

A professional wrestler from Melbourne, Carlo has joined the iNutrition Family to encourage and inspire his fellow wrestlers and his academy students about a healthy lifestyle of nutrition and fitness.

The Director of Vicious Pursuit - http://www.viciouspursuit.com , Carlo started his wrestleing career in Canada mentored by Lance Storm. He had held many titles wreslteling all over Australia and the world. Carlo is a qualified Personal Trainer and is developing the next batch of Australian Wrestling talent.  

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Adam Romano - Nutrition Coach and Fitness Business Owner

I’m excited to be a part of the iNutrition family.

Being a nutrition coach myself, I find that iNutrition fills the need for education and simplification of nutritional needs for not only athletes, but also everyday people.

After struggling through being overweight in high school and university, to disordered eating and being severely underweight and unhealthy and depressed, I decided to put my Biochemistry background to good use, learning everything I could about nutrition, body structure and function, in the hope I could help people to not have to go through what I did.

I run a successful Personal Training Business in Adelaide, where we offer a holistic approach to health, fitness and nutrition, realizing that one size does not fit all.  I now eat and train to be as strong as I can be (and hoping to compete in a powerlifting comp next year!), hoping to be the best role model for my family.

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